Resource and Contract Manager

Working with Elliott Moss Consulting has been a great experience. They understand and evaluate the business needs and they go an extra mile to support our organization with their service. Elliott Moss had professionally carried out the assigned task and which allowed our organization to complete the project on time.

We believe their solution and service is going to positively affect the efficiency and accuracy in our future projects. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Elliott Moss team for their support service.

HR Business Partner

We would like to express our gratification in regards to the service and efficiency that we have received for your company for providing us with quality consultants.

We have continually anticipated the prompt response and support from your team. We would like to take this opportunity and thank Elliott Moss Consulting for all their effort and hard work. And we look forward to continue working with you all and strengthen this business relationship.


It gives us pronounced pleasure to express our sincere appreciation to Elliott Moss Consulting team, for the past 5 years of rewarding empanelment in providing our organization with quality resource and solution support for all IT technologies and SAP.

They have proven to be a global, comprehensive and adaptable IT Consulting company and they are growing in this challenging business environment.

We are also honored with their professionalism and dedication to delivery on time with quality resources; they understand the business and the project needs very well.

We are confident with Elliott Moss Consulting and team to perform their best and provide us with their services and create more success stories in the future.

Resource and Contract Manager

Elliott Moss understands SAP Business and what it takes to do a successful project. Their approach at each phase of the project in suggesting, prioritizing and meeting resource requirements helped us manage the project costs more effectively.

Program Manager

We are pleased with Elliott Moss Consulting and their service on providing our Office with quality SAP Trainers for various SAP Modules.

Their dedication, professionalism and turn around period are something we really cherish.

We wish them a great journey ahead and we look forward to continue this business relation with Elliott Moss Consulting in the upcoming years.

Elliott Moss Consulting

We are pleased to mention our gratitude to Elliott Moss Consulting for the consulting work and project support they have provided during the implementation of our SAP Retail System.

We have benefited from the implementation and it allows us to greatly improve our customer experience; it also allows us to better anticipate our customer demand.

We look forward to working with Elliott Moss closely and enhance our system to meet the market demand.

Staffing Resources SAP

We had the pleasure to work with Elliott Moss Consulting for many years while I managed the Staffing Resources SAP Education for Mexico and Central America.

Elliott Moss has an excellent mix of technical and market knowledge, sale expertise, and seniority. They have a great ability to establish high level of relationships with their clients.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank team Elliott Moss for providing such efficient service to our organization. We hope they grow as a company and we look forward work together and strengthen this Businessrelation.